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Enlarge Natural Shop Photo

Natural Shop

Item: 121
Resolution: 980 pixels
Slider frames: 2
Availability: to download
Price: 32.00 $

This great design will help you to make online store for natural products also can be good to others kind of products.

 -Sources Available: .PSD (PHOTOSHOP) and FONTS
 -We offer free support and additional services like install or add new modules
 -Slider image and banner image added

 -Coding: HTML5, CSS3, Semantic Code, jQuery
 -Gallery Script: Accordion, Carousel, Slider
 -Modules avability: Account, Affiliate, Banner, Bestsellers, Carousel, Category, Featured, Google Talk, Information, Latest, Slideshow, Camera Slideshow, Specials, Store, Welcome, Manufacturer
 -Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR
 -Categories View: Grid, List, Thumbnails

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