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SaschArt Themes Terms & Conditions

Free Preview:

SaschArt Themes offer you free preview for static or animated version in small sizes and low quality.

Payments for Works:

You can to pay to PayPal and MoneyBookers any work in different format, static or animated version with credit card, bank account or phone number using PayPal and MoneyBookers. After each payments your account at SaschArt Themes will be updated and you will receive in maximum 24 hours the download link. No rights for publishing or reselling are included, only for personal use, contact us to SaschArt Themes in case of shows, resell, workshops, movies, magazines or any other kind of mass media publishing.

Payments History:

We keep in our database history for all payments made by you at our merchants. Our site make this statistics in real time so you can check fast your payments.

Non-Personal Information Collected:

When visitors/members access our web site, certain non-personal information may be collected from them including, their browser type, the IP address, and the domain name from which they have accessed the site. We do not track any other information about members less the information required from signup form. Please don't try to hack our site, all unusual ways to access our pages will be registered, you must use only usual links from our pages. Credit Card fraud and all billing fraud is a serious crime. The collected information will be used by us only if you try to credit card, billing fraud or hack tentative.

Technical Requirments:

- Windows as operation system
- Internet connection
- Internet browser, we recommend in order: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape
- Flash player, download from here if your browser don't have it

Contact Us:

If you have problem with our system or other problems please let us to know at SaschArt Themes or complete our online form.

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